Curriculum is the tool of education. It helps children learn how to do things: How to read, how to perform a mathematical equation, how to communicate, and so much more. Ineffective curriculum produces poor results. Deceptive curriculum produces lost people. Quality curriculum produces highly educated adults skilled at critical thinking.

Agape Christian Academy employs Abeka curriculum. Abeka’s original curriculum textbooks are researched and written by veteran educators, then tested in the real world. Timely. Thorough. Trustworthy.

Reliable studies for traditional best practices―validated by the consistent success of millions of students over decades―form the basis of Abeka textbooks, curriculums, and other materials. When your child learns with Abeka you can be sure that the teaching is based on biblical principles which address the nature of the learner and learning itself, the nature of truth and authority, and what is truly important to learn and remember.

We perform placement evaluations to determine student ability for optimum results. We place more emphasis on foundational skill mastery and less emphasis on grade levels or promotion. We have more of a 'one-room' schoolhouse flavor.

Life Skills Training - Friday afternoons are dedicated to team building, martial arts, boxing, wildnerness skills for the Framers class. We have dads and men come in to work with the boys during lunch recess and Fridays. More info…

Music & Art - we have a talented and experienced music teacher come in once a week.

Martial Arts - we take the kids to The Forge once a week for physical training, self-defense, jujitsu.

Physical Exercise and Play - Students are given 3 periods of time throughout the day (in addition to before/after school) to play, even to get dirty. We have playground equipment, balls, bats, frisbees, basketball net, tetherball and a dirt hill with ropes and tires to climb.

Library - We have our own library with literally thousands of books…. >> More Info

Grade Levels

Our classes are organized as Starters (for kindergarten), Foundations (for 1st, 2nd grade equivalent), Framers (for 3rd, 4th grade equivalent), Finishers (for 5th, 6th grade equivalent), Apprentice (middle school), Journeymen (high school). Students complete all subjects for each Class Level before moving up. Within the Class Level students who are advancing in subjects can start the next textbook within the same Class Level. We do this because our curriculum is more in-depth than standard curriculum thereby delivering a more age-advanced lesson.


Tuition for 2024-2025: $400/mo per student per month. Multiple Student Discounts and Financial Assistance available based on need. We do everything we can to see that your child is enrolled.

Books & Materials: $350-$400/yr We offer rentals for the non-consumables of the curriculum and pursue used materials where available. This often allows us to get the cost down to $150/yr. We do our best to keep the school supplies and incidentals to a minimum as well as field trip fees.

We will focus on character, bible education, Abeka math, phonics for reading, bible reading and memorization, Christian creationism for science, traditional American and World History, citizenship, geography. ** We won’t be seeking accreditation. **


Each day starts with Chapel, the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag and Christian Flag. Children help setup and put away the classroom along with helping on the janitorial chores.

Tuition & Books