Our Enrollment Process

1. Request an Enrollment Appointment - Contact NO APPLICATION FEES!

2. Completion of Enrollment Forms. Please gather up necessary documents and submit with enrollment form. You will be given the Student and Parent Handbook.

3. We'll do an informal placement assessment for grade placement in concert with any school records you might have. Any advanced placement or remedial work will be discussed at this point. We do not offer Individual Educational Plans (IEP). Please do not let this stop you from meeting with us. We are small enough to work with many situations.

Our classes are organized as Starters (for kindergarten), Foundations (for 1st, 2nd grade equivalent), Framers (for 3rd, 4th grade equivalent), Finishers (for 5th, 6th grade equivalent), Apprentice (middle school), Journeymen (high school). Students complete all subjects for each Class Level before moving up. Within the Class Level students who are advancing in subjects can start the next textbook within the same Class Level. We do this because our curriculum is more in-depth than standard curriculum thereby delivering a more age-advanced lesson.

4. Purchase Student Curriculum. We offer rentals for the non-consumables of the curriculum and pursue used materials where available.

5. Configure Tuition payments.

We do our best to keep the school supplies and incidentals to a minimum as well as field trip fees.

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